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i did a fresh install ubuntu 16.04 from usb into my Thinkpad T530 then on this install it worked fine. then did a dist upgrade to 18.04 now the entire ssytem is slow. any way to resolve this? rjyoung, reinstall. if that doesnt work, try a 16.04 live boot usb to reset your /home data. cfhowlett, that is a solution I can do. I just had an upgrade go bad and now the system is quite buggy. I'll give that a try too thanks cool hello i need help with an application hey everyone. I am trying to launch a script with ulimit but it doesn't seem to want to work. here is my code: Bojan: well, not sure what the problem is, but you can use aclocal and autoconf to build stuff via bash. blackflow: thanks! i have done that, and i now have an entire devel-env with all the autoconf and aclocal stuff installed Bojan: looks like you've some sort of debian/ubuntu build-depends missing. Bojan: aclocal -I../usr/local/lib ah right, it's for lm-sensors and qwt do i need to do that for qwt as well? i think i'm on the right path now let me try aclocal -I../usr/local/lib blackflow: how do i run the./configure script with aclocal? it doesn't seem to want to do that Bojan: I don't think you do, it's not mentioned in the manpage Bojan: not sure if it's 'cause you're in a chroot or because you're in a bind shell or what. try running it from



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Amazing Slow Downer Full Version Password

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